Mann House Gazeebo
Mann House Gazeebo

The Mann House is a non-profit organization and depends on donations from Alumni and friends. The weekly rent of $150 paid by our residents covers only a small portion of our operating expenses. Please feel free to specify how you would like your donation used by choosing any of the following funds:

Scholarship Fund: Your donation will help new residents without financial means by covering the security deposit and weekly rent of $150 until the resident is able to obtain employment.

Client Activities: The Mann House provides occasional outings to expose residents to social settings and encourage healthy social behaviors without drugs or alcohol

Medical Expenses: Most residents enter the Mann House as a last resort, unemployed and uninsured. The sustenance level jobs that the men obtain while living in the Mann House do not provide medical insurance. Donations to this fund will provide medical, dental, psychiatric care as needed and emergency care to our residents.

Counseling: The cost of the Counselor for each group session is $75.00.

Operations: Food, general supplies, increased utility costs, House Van, gasoline, etc. The average monthly food cost for example is $1500.00. All meals are provided 5 days a week.

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