Mann House DriveOne benefit of beginning your personal journey in recovery at the Mann House is the understanding that after treatment, you are forever linked to a growing recovery community, other alumni, and an organization that has helped countless men just like you find refuge from alcohol and drugs and begin a new life. Our alumni find support and guidance in their recovery through their continued involvement with the Mann House.

We encourage all alumni to remain connected to the Mann House and help us realize our goal of being a permanent haven for those in need. As challenges arise be them financial or otherwise, the involvement of the alumni becomes more vital to the Mann House’s lasting presence. Alumni contributions aren’t necessarily confined to financial support, but rather your time, energy, and ideas.

Numerous alumni have helped over the years and for that, the entire Mann House community is thankful, but when you consider the impression that the Mann House has left on so many individuals and families in it’s nearly forty years of operation, we look forward to a future in which, even more alumni get involved.

“Hi, my name is Joe and I’m an alcoholic. When I arrived at the Mann House in the spring of 1999, fresh out of the third treatment center I had been in over the course of my 26 year addiction to alcohol and drugs, I was full of fear and felt completely hopeless. Almost immediately upon arriving at the house, I was given clear cut directions from the staff on how the chronic male relapser could get sober and stay sober. I got a home group, I got a sponsor and I started working the 12 steps of AA. Additionally, I was given a bed, 3 square meals a day, group counseling and a safe drug free environment. The rules of the Mann House are clearly posted in the kitchen. These rules quickly became the simple set of instructions that I needed to get through the difficult time in early recovery. I never felt disrespected as a resident. I was encouraged to get a sustenance level job. From the very beginning the main topic of discussion at the Mann House was recovery. It’s difficult to elaborate in a few short paragraphs on all the support I received from the staff, residents and alumni of the Mann House. Although I was 39 years old when I arrived at that house, today I feel that is where I grew up.”

– Joe McNally (Sobriety Date 12/19/1998)

What did the Mann House give me? In the spring of 1994 and at age 44, I was homeless as a direct result of 30 plus years of alcohol and drug abuse. As a veteran, I was eligible for admission to a VA hospital. I completed the 28 day program at Perry Point Hospital in Maryland. While in treatment, a halfway house was suggested to me by my counselor. The Mann House was offered as an option. I interviewed and was accepted. From the time I drove up the driveway, in the little blue government bus, I had a sense this was a good place. My original commitment was 6 months . I stayed 10 months because that is what I needed. Believe it or not the world did just fine without me. I am proud to say I am a graduate of The Mann House.

Now the good stuff. What is my life like today? I am married. I have an 11 year old daughter who is a gift of sobriety. I have had consistent employment for 15 plus years. I am now co-owner of a drug and alcohol treatment center, Phoenix Recovery. I have a sponsor and a home group. I attend 12-step meetings. I am clean and sober-one day at a time. I have been given the gift of sobriety. Much of the foundation for this gift was learned while a resident of “The Mann House”. Thank you Mann House!

– Rob K

My life was a train wreck due to the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Anyone who once cared for me was gone from my life. Thirty years of drinking and drugging brought me to the door steps of the Mann House. I arrived via a 28 day treatment center, feeling a bit like Humpty Dumpty – my life shattered into hundreds of little pieces. The counselor, staff and other clients slowly helped me to put my life back together again. Relationships with my family were repaired. I’ve been clean and sober for 12 years now and I owe it all to the patience, tolerance and love that I received at the Mann House. I am now employed at the House and have been given the opportunity to give back what had been so generously given to me.

– Mike K.

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